When artist Paul Wright and his wife moved to a new home beside Italy's Lake Como, their sleep was disturbed by the noise of a group of feral cats. Seeing the distressed condition that most were in, they decided to look after the animals' welfare. This led to them adopting a series of these and other rescue cats.  Cats can take over people's lives. They certainly hold a very special place in the hearts of Paul and his wife, Nicola. 


In 1991 they moved to Moltrasio, a village by Lake Como in northern Italy, but when they acquired a place of their own in the village's historic centre, their sleep was disturbed by the activities of a group of feral cats and seeing the poor condition of these animals, Paul and Nicola began taking care of them. When Paul rescues a tiny kitten that has been mauled by a dog, it becomes the first of many more strays the couple give homes to, but the intrusion of a rogue stray creates devastation when it infects some of the couple's cats with feline AIDS.

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What is it like for a foreigner to live and work in a village in Northern Italy, and become part of the community? How tough is it to leave your home country and settle in a new one? What do you have to do to be accepted by the people who live in a village by Lake Como, which has existed for over five hundred years?


Award-winning artist and stage designer Paul Wright and his partner Nicola found out the hard way, struggling through nightmarish and obstructive Italian bureaucracy, but relishing their life as they worked, played, ate and drank alongside the residents of a beautiful, quiet lakeside village. Enjoy Paul's dry Liverpool sense of humour as he conveys a vivid word picture of life beside the lake with their colourful and resourceful neighbours.

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English artist Paul Wright and his partner, Nicola moved to the village of Moltrasio, on the shore of Lake Como in northern Italy in 1993, moving to the small, unspoiled village of Argegno in the early 2000s.


In this, the follow up to his successful debut book, 'An Italian Home', Paul describes Italian village life, particularly focussing on the Italian male. His regular dialogue with a group of men who have retired, mostly from the catering trade, punctuates his adventures beyond the village boundaries for all manner of clients, both reputable and not so reputable in the surrounding area and beyond, to the Italian Riviera.

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N.B. Due to the number of steps up to the apartment, we regret that the property is not suitable for toddlers or people with mobility difficulties

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